Race Results 2017

Metros trophy races are highlighted in red.

Summer League races are highlighted in green.

TVXC races are highlighted in orange.

Club Records can be found here. Please get in touch if you have evidence that they are not up to date! Thank you to Steve Paull for compiling the list.

Date Event Location Results
12 Mar 2017 North London Half Wembley Results (coming soon)
12 Mar 2017 Bath Half Bath Results 
12 Mar 2017 Finchley 20 Ruislip Results (coming soon)
26 Feb 2017 Brighton Half Brighton Results 
19 Feb 2017 Bramley 20 Tadley Results 
19 Feb 2017 Hillingdon Half and 10k Uxbridge Results
12 Feb 2017 Harrow Hill 10k Harrow Results
5 Feb 2017 Watford Half Watford Results
29 Jan 2017 TVXC Hillingdon Results (coming soon)
22 Jan 2017 TVXC Tadley Results (coming soon)
22 Jan 2017 Fred Hughes 10 St Albans Results
15 Jan 2017 TVXC Bracknell Results (coming soon)
8 Jan 2017 Tadworth 10 Bangor Results
8 Jan 2017 Cliveden XC 10k Tadlow Results
1 Jan 2017 Serpentine New Years Day 10k London Results

Archived Race Results