New 5K Competition

Report from last event – Saturday 1st February at Roxbourne Park

Well done to the 46 runners who took part in this event.  This was a new route to avoid the mud and swamps that our normal route has turned into.  Most feedback was positive (nothing like dry feet to encourage people).  There were various reports of the distance, however Strava came in at 4.99km.  Two runners found a hitherto unknown shortcut in the nature reserve; we’ll put additional signs there next time in case anyone else finds this.  We’ll also get out with the measuring wheel when the weather improves and measure this course accurately.

This month’s volunteers were Barbara, Peter J, Gill, Pippa, Nathan, Mitesh, Ruth, Diane, Ian, Marilyn, Kath and Steve.

The next 5k event at Roxbourne is on Saturday 2nd May – there may be cake


Metros 5k results, 2nd Feb 2020


List of events:
Date Event
02 November 2019  Metros 5k @ Roxbourne Park
21 December 2019  Sunny Hill parkrun 
18 January 2020  Black Park parkrun 
01 February 2020  Metros Wet 5k @ Roxbourne Park
21 March 2020  Cassiobury parkrun 
18 April 2020  Canons Park parkrun 
02 May 2020  Metros 5k @ Roxbourne Park
20 June 2020  Harrow parkrun 
18 July 2020  Rickmansworth parkrun
01 August 2020  Metros 5k @ Roxbourne Park
19 September 2020  Gladstone parkrun 
17 October 2020  Northala Fields parkrun 

Prizes:    A trophy will be awarded to the top male and female overall. There’ll also be an award for anyone who participates in all 12 events. Participating means running, walking or volunteering so please come along even if you’re unable to run.

Eligibility:    Must be a member of Metros and registered with parkrun. Participants are strongly encouraged to wear official Metros kit at all events.

Scoring:    Scores will be calculated on an age-graded basis as follows: the runner with the highest age grading in an event is awarded 50 points, 2nd highest 49 points, etc.. Final positions will be determined by highest cumulative score over the year with only your top 10 results counting.

Finally:    Any changes to the calendar due to unforeseen circumstances will be communicated as early as possible. The scoring system is a trial for one year and will be reviewed at the end of the year.

Coordinators:    Emma, Mitesh, Nathan (details in Contacts)