AED – Where and What to do

After a very successful fund raising appeal, Metros has bought an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to have available at as many sessions as possible, especially where we do not have immediate access to a public access defibrillator (PAD).

Hopefully, we’ll never have to use it; in case we ever do need to, all members should be aware of the following:


Metros’ events in the calendar will show where we plan to have our AED, for example, HHR and Summer League.  It is the organisers’ responsibility to check that someone is assigned to bring the AED.

At regular weekly sessions, we plan to have the AED at Monday and Wednesday runs and at Thursday track session.  We hope to get the AED to our Saturday sessions but need more people who go to both Thursday and Saturday sessions to help organise this.

On Tuesdays, we have access to the AED in the tennis club – kept by the back door into the car park.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the AED will be left in a car.  Session organisers will know which car the AED is in – if the driver isn’t available – you may break the car window to get the AED.

To locate a nearer AED, ring 999.


The British Heart Foundation has some excellent training videos.  One on how to use a defibrillator and one on using CPR to save a life (while someone is fetching the AED and while waiting for the ambulance).  Zoll who supply our AED have this training video – it is American – so dial 999 not 911!   AED plus demo   Full AED instructions are here.

These are life skills which we’d recommend every member be aware of.


Here’s Bernie’s story which led to our appeal and purchase of an AED.

“We decided at long last to visit Bushy parkrun, however, John was persistent in making us walk, relax & take it all in. We got half way & the runner in-front had collapsed. After assessing the runner we called for someone to get the AED & dial 999 as fast as possible, while continuing chest compressions. The AED was desperately needed & thank God the Run Director raced the AED there by sprinting on a bike well ahead of the ambulance arriving.”

Bushy parkrun later sent an update that the runner was in a stable condition in hospital. Bernie saved a life by using the AED available.

Picture of two people and a baby displaying the Metros defibrillator