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This section is where we put everything we think you might want to know about Metros.
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AED and why it matters

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At Home resources
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This material was put together during lockdown.  Who knows when and where it may be useful.

Listing of At Home resources

Set of virtual Saturday sessions (courtesy of Adam Leary)


Club kit

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Club Records

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If you have run faster than any of these times while you were a member of Metros, please let us know.

5K  Club Records

Track and Field Records

Distance Running Records


Committee Meetings
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Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are open to all members of Metros though only committee members can vote on decisions.  Please let the current chair know if you are planning to attend as the agenda can usually be adapted to put items you are interested in first.  Minutes of committee meetings are published in the following month’s Metrolines.


For the next meeting date, see calendar


Competitions and Challenges
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The following Competitions are awarded trophies at the annual awards evening each November.

See the calendar for dates of upcoming events that are part of these competitions

  • Measured Mile
    • Run four times a year at Saturday sessions in Roxbourne Park
    • The winner is the person whose time improves most on 3 consecutive occasions
  • 5 mile handicap
    • Run four times a year on the first Saturday in March, June, September and December
    • Points are awarded based on how much better your run is versus your handicap from the previous event
    • New runners to the event have no handicap so get off to a good start
  • 5K Challenge
    • Rules tbc now that the challenge includes Roxbourne 5k, parkruns and track 5ks
  • Summer League
    • A series of 4 or 5 events held each summer by 9 London running clubs
    • Sunday morning event including a 10k or 5 mile senior race, junior races and relays
    • Metros award runners using the summer league points and award the first Metro in each age group
    • The summer league website explains all about the events and how points are awarded
  • Thames Valley Cross Country TVXC
    • A series of 8 cross country runs of approx 5 miles
    • Held on Sunday mornings at various locations
    • Metros Host one event in the park at Hillingdon Athletics Stadium
  • Vets League
    • Awards are given to any member who breaks an existing age group record in a track and field event
  • LRRC trophy
    • A series of public races from 10 mile up to marathon spread across the year
    • Points are awarded based on overall position across Metros entrants
    • Some events offer a choice of distances for runners less able to complete longer runs

As well as the above, we also have the 10K challenge.  Medals are awarded for reaching each age grading level e.g. 55%, 60% etc.  Medals are handed out at the Saturday sessions.



Event Booking

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We use a googlegroup for members to contact each other informally about running related topics.  Please don’t use this for anything else, and please never use “Reply all” (we all get more than enough emails already).

Most of the traffic about sessions has moved now to Spond – and that’s the best place to get information about events and sessions. 

To be added to the googlegroup please contact


Hall of Fame
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As a running club that’s been around for over 40 years, we’re fortunate to have some senior members who not only continue to support the club, but have a wealth of experience and running stories to share.  Today we may only see the person who does the timekeeping at track, or makes the tea, but in their day, many of our senior members were very good runners whose times we can only admire.

To celebrate – and recognise – our lifetime achievers – we are creating our very own Hall of fame.

Please read their stories and achievements

BARBARA ROBSON (Left of photo, in Hat and Shorts)



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Junior runners
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Junior runners are welcome as part of a family group.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for their own children.  No under 16 member should attend a session unaccompanied.  Occasionally parents delegate responsibility to a close friend who is a metros member.  A delegation of parental responsibility form must first be signed by both parties.

Saturday morning is suitable for junior runners as it takes place entirely within Roxbourne park.  For older juniors, Monday Core and Thursday track may be suitable.

There are also events such as the Summer League and the annual Fun Run (usually September) which cater for children. We look forward to seeing you there!



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London Marathon

The London Marathon is something many runners in our club have completed.  To recognise the 40th anniversary of this event, Sasha complied this write up of London Marathon Memories 1981 to 2020.

Every year, Metros help at the London Marathon with one of the elite water stations, at the 30K point in Docklands.  In recognition of this, we are given 1 or 2 places at the next year’s marathon.  We also get a place for being a London running club.  These places are allocated by ballot.  To be considered for the water station place(s), you need to have helped at the water station and be an EA member.  To be considered for the club place, you need to have entered – and failed to get in – to the marathon and also be an EA member.  If you get a Metros place, you are expected to run wearing club kit. You will also have to pay the current entry fee to confirm your place.

The ballot is organised around 6 months before the marathon (though dates are a bit up in the air at the moment with the move from Spring to Autumn).  The timing is advertised in Metrolines and by email.

Marathon Week
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Metros Marathon Week is a long standing bi-annual tradition of running a marathon distance over 5 consecutive days and 5 different terrains.  Sounds do-able?  Many have fallen by the wayside or been surprised at how tough this event can be.  It’s definitely an experience, find out for yourself next time it’s run.  Read more about it here



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New Members

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Running Essentials for beginners

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Training Sessions

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WebCollect is our membership database.  We pay an annual fee to use these services so that we can be sure our data is held securely.  All official emails, such as notices to renew, come via Webcollect.

You are personally responsible for the accuracy of your data in this system, for example, making sure your address and contact details are current.

The system recognises you by your email address.  If you need to change this, please contact the membership secretary

who can change this easily (please don’t attempt to do this yourself).