Club Saturday Events


The first week of the month is when we hold our distance events for members.


5K: November, February, May, August;  5 mile: December, March, June, September; 10K: January, Aprl, July, October

The 5k is run entirely in Roxbourne Park.  Starting near the scout hut with a full lap of the path, the route follows the stream down to the Field End Road entrance, goes around behind the model railway line, along a short section of the new path to the cinder track, then heads into the nature reserve.  After a lap of the nature reserve, the route rejoins the cinder track and heads for the car park near the pavilion and finishes at the pavilion after another full lap of the path.  Mixed terrain (tarmac path, made up path, grass, mud track).  The route can be muddy in places in winter.

The 5 mile and 10k are run on the roads around Roxbourne Park.  The routes are reasonably simple.  The 5 mile starts near the pavilion, leaves the park via Canons Lane, and heads to Eastcote turning left at major junctions, returning to the park via Canons Lane.  The 10k starts near the scout hut with two laps of the smaller loop of the path then heads out up High Worple and turns right at every major junction, returning to the park down High Worple then around the path via the pavilion to the finish on the far side.  See links above for full route instructions.

All events are timed – please make sure the timekeeper has registered your name.  If you decide not to complete the course, please make sure the timekeeper knows.

The 5 mile handicap is calculated based on the time you did on the last event (any 5 mile handicap in the last 2 years).  The time you took then is subtracted from an hour.  The number of minutes difference is added to your time on this event.  Everyone’s time including handicap is ranked, and the lowest time wins the most points.  Additional points arre awarded for a time including handicap of under an hour.  The person with the most points from the four events wins the trophy at the awards evening.

The 10k Challenge results are age graded using the tables found on the Saturday training page.  Medals are awarded for achieving the following percentage age grades 45%+  50%+  55%+ 60%+ 65%+ 70%+ 75%+ 80%+ 85%+ 90%+ (Gold)


MEASURED MILE is on the 2nd Saturday in November, February, May and August. The person who improves the most in 3 consecutive miles wins the Measured Mile trophy presented at the Awards night in November.

WOT NO WATCH is a mile run where you predict your time in advance then don’t use your watch. The winner is the person who most accurately predicts their time. A trophy is presented at the Scout Hut each month. This is on the 2nd Saturday in January, March, April, June, July, September, October and December.


Metros annual fun run, THE BRIAN JACKSON FUN RUN takes place on a Saturday in September/October in Roxbourne Park and is suitable for all ages and abilities. There are two 4k races, a 2k Children’s race, and the “BJ challenge” which is to run all 3, 10k in total.