Dark Run

The last THURSDAY NIGHT of the month DARK RUN, starts on 31st January.  Meet at viewpoint car park Old Redding, HA3 6SL.  7pm start. Approx. 1hour, in the woods or parkland in the dark!!

Start times may become later as the nights become lighter.

We are suggesting a minimum of 300 lumens, high vis and bright clothing, off road shoes preferably, but lights essential,  NO LIGHTS NO RUN

We will do a check of all light brightness in the car park before we leave.

We’ll have at least two leaders per run, one back one front, the aim is for everyone to stay together at least at a safe distance.

Below is the link for a head torch that can be purchased from Amazon, as a starter it may be ok before people commit to spending more money, it’s £12.99.   A link also for Screwfix, they sell a 300 lumens head torch for about £30.



Coordinators: Linda Dunne,  Mike Morris, Spencer Milberry, Martin Eden

(contact details are in the members section)