CANCELLED – Summer League – Serpentine

10-08-2020 12:00 am - 16-08-2020 5:00 pm 

The Summer League has gone virtual

We’re pleased to announce that rather than cancel the Summer League, there will be a 3-event virtual competition.

  • The senior events are 10k, then 5 miles, then 10k
  • There is also a tenderfoot event, for those under 15, of 1 mile
  • And we couldn’t forget the relay, which this year is a standard 400m.  If you complete the senior event or tenderfoot, please consider submitting a 400m time as well so we can submit a full set of relay teams for each event.

To take part, you must complete your chosen distance during the dates below and get the times to me at no later than the Sunday at 5pm.  This is all based on trust so I don’t need to know your route (though I do know the times you usually do so might query anything outlandish!)

We’ll be uploading each club’s times on the Sunday evenings and hope to get the results on-line by Monday at the latest.

  • Monday 8th – Sunday 14th June (10K adult, 1 mile tenderfoot, 400m relay leg)
  • Monday 13th – Sunday 19th July (5 miles adult, 1 mile tenderfoot, 400m relay leg)
  • Monday 10th – Sunday 16th August (10k adult, 1 mile tenderfoot, 400m relay leg)

Just a few rules from the league website

Safety First

The most important rules this year are safety and courtesy. Please find a route you can run safely while following the current social distancing rules. Please respect other users of the space you are running in and give them priority.


Any safe route is permitted, but please don’t use a downhill one. Points will be calculated according to the usual league rules based on age.


Each leg will be run separately over 400m. Do not use a downhill route. Club reps will decide which of the 400m laps that have been run by their club to put together in each team. They can put forward up to 4 teams, a men’s team a women’s team and B1 and B2 teams. The usual intricate scoring system applies.

I hope to see lots of results, maybe we can get above 3rd place this year?