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The Harrow Hill 10k road race,




For some years Metros have participated in a friendly Veterans Track & Field League. This year there are again four fixtures open to both men and women aged 35 years and over.
There are three age categories in various events: 35 - 49, 50 – 59 and 60 years and over and, in some cases, separate groups in each event, graded on ability. It’s not necessary to be a fast runner, although of course vets who are fast (or strong – for throwing, or bouncy – for the jumping events) are welcome, but all finishers earn points for their clubs.

The meetings are on Mondays and start at 6.30 pm with the field events, the running events are held later in the evening. There are separate scoring events for both men and women.
The programme of events for 2016 TBA
Wendy Mulvenna on 020 8863 4838



Roxbourne Park - TBA.


This is the longest established Metros event and the club evolved from this event. It was originally designed as a warm-up for the National Fun Run, but it soon became an event in its own right. It is named in honour of Brian Jackson, the founder of the event and, for many years, the organiser.

Although this is a fun run, the course has been reasonably accurately measured and times will be recorded. The event will follow the same format as previous years and, as usual, it will incorporate the BJ Challenge, which is to run all three main races Ladies 4km, Mens 4km, plus 2km - a total distance of 10km. For those who prefer to walk there is the 2km Bus Pass Challenge walk, open to all ages.

The Distances - 7 years & under = 500m. Under 11 = 2km. Over 11 = 4km
The Surface - Parkland (almost all grass)
The Place - Roxbourne Park, Cannon Lane South, Pinner.
The time: - 8.45 am Registration. Age as on race day.
The Programme: (*denotes Bus Pass Challenge events)
*9.15 am - 4km Ladies age groups 15-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+ Girls, Boys 11-14.
*9.45 am - 4km Men age groups: 15-39, 40-49, 50+, 60+
*10.15 am - 2km Girls, Boys 8-10 plus over 10s who wish to run 2km as well as, or instead of, the 4km, and incorporates the Duathlon.

Followed by: 500m 7 and under
2km Bus Pass Challenge Walk

Refreshments: In the Scout Hall after the above events.
Presentations: In the Scout Hall as soon as possible after the events

Fee - there is no charge

Medals will be awarded to the first three boys and girls aged 8-10 and 11-14 years.

Plaques, to be held for one year, will be awarded to the leading men and women in various age groups in the BJ Challenge (aggregate time over all three main races).

There are also plaques, again to be held for a year for:
1 The fastest man and woman of any age over the 2k course
2 The fastest man and woman runner (both 60+) over the 2km course.
3 The fastest 60+ man and woman walker over the 2km course (in the Bus Pass Challenge Walk).
4 The Duathlon award for the combined fastest 60+ man and woman runner in the 2km race and walker in the 2km Bus Pass Challenge Walk.
The Duathlon (like the Bus Pass Challenge Walk) is open to all but the awards are for the 60+.


If you’d like to know more, or can offer to help,
please contact Pat Jackson on 020 8868 5683


Summer League- TBA

For those who aren’t familiar with this League – it’s a series of races held during the summer months which are open to all ages and abilities.

Entry is on the day, there is no need to pre- enter. The cost is £1 for adults and 50p for children, with free refreshments after.

At each fixture there are three events:

1. An Open Race of 5 miles or 10k, suitable for all abilities from 16 years of age.

2. A Tenderfoot Race of 1.5–2K, suitable for children from 7 years of age, runners returning
from injury and runners who prefer to run a shorter distance.

3. A Fun Run of approximately 400m for children under 7 years.

4. A series of light hearted relays of 300-400m, again suitable for all
ages and abilities.

Scoring is age related– children up to 16, every year - adults over 40 are graded in five year age bands. Participants score points for their club and league trophies and Metros own trophies are awarded based on the number of entrants in the various age groups. There is an additional Metros trophy for the best overall adult Metros runner in this League

Apart from Metros, other participating clubs are Dulwich Park Runners, Ealing Eagles, Ealing Southall & Middlesex, Hayes & Harlington, Mornington Chasers, Queen's Park Harriers, Serpentine, Sudbury Court .

2016 Fixtures TBA

For further information please contact
Pat Jackson tel: 020 8868 5683


Thames Valley Winter Cross Country League (was Todays Runner League)

Mostly cross-country, but some road and footpath. Usually six fixtures per season held at various venues on Sunday mornings. Combined event for men and women, approximately 5 miles. Suitable for adults of all abilities. Junior event at some fixtures for U-17s.

The Thames Valley Cross Country fixture list has been put together and is as follows:

to be confirmed

Races start at 11am and are 5-6 miles cross country with refreshments afterwards. Men & Women run together but score separately. Club vests or T-Shirts must be worn. 2 per person entry fee for club members Car sharing is recommended

Further information is on the web site www.tvxc.org.uk
or Contact Dave Brown 020 8933 1821

10K Challenge

The idea behind the 10K Challenge event is that times are graded according to age, so older runners may be slower than younger runners, but their % effort, when measured against the fastest recorded time for someone of their age, may be better. An online calculator for a whole range of athletic events is available at http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wavalookup.html. We use the 2006 calculator.

10k Challenge Route

5K Race

Run within Roxbourne Park. 5k race route

5 mile handicap Race

Starts in Roxbourne Park. download 5 mile route




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