Leagues & Other Events


Every two-three weeks at 11.00 am on Sundays between October and March. The courses are roughly five to six miles. There are usually eight fixtures, with men and women of all abilities running together over mostly cross country, some footpaths and a little road.

Co-ordinators: Al and Jane Scoffham

Provisional Dates: 2016-2017

Date Club Time
13th November Datchet Dashers 11.00 am
4th December Handy Cross Runners 11.00 am
18th December Reading Road Runners 11.00 am
15th January Bracknell Forest Runners 11.00 am
22nd January Tadley Runners 11.00 am
29th January METROS 11.00 am
5th February Thames Valley Triathletes 11.00 am

Metros own fixture: https://metros.org.uk/metros-tvxc/

See also: http://www.tvxc.org.uk 


A series of usually five events on Sunday mornings between May and September starting and finishing within parks – Battersea, Dulwich, Gunnersbury, Headstone Manor (Metros host fixture) and Regent’s Park. The main event is a road race of 5 miles or 10 km followed by a 1.5-2 km Tenderfoot race for 6-14 years olds (plus beginner adults or those returning from injury). This is followed by an under 7 Fun Run of 300-400 m and relays of 300-400 m – teams of four for women, men plus two other mixed teams. Individual awards are based on age categories in the main race and Tenderfoot and club scores are age graded in the main race, Tenderfoot and relays.

See also:  http://www.thesummerleague.uk 

Click here for more information on Metros fixture.

Co-ordinator: Pat Jackson

Results from each race can be found on the Race Results tab of the website. The final team standings can be viewed here and individual points for all runners can be found here.


Four Monday evenings between May and July and open to all over 35. Events are 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, & 3000 metres, 2000m walk, high jump, long jump, triple jump, discus, javelin, hammer, shot.

Contact: Wendy Mulvenna


The Saturday session has an option to take part in the following events


which rotate on the first Saturday of the month. The 10k Challenge results are age graded using the table found here.

5 KM RUN is on the 3rd Saturday of the same month as the Measured Mile. Age grading table here.

WOT NO WATCH is a mile run where you predict your time in advance then don’t use your watch. The winner is the person who most accurately predicts their time.

Click here to see the full Saturday morning timetable.


Metros host the HARROW HILL RACE in February. This is a 10K open road race from the Harrow School sports grounds and includes 2.5 ascents of the hill.

Metros annual fun run, THE BRIAN JACKSON FUN RUN takes place on a Saturday in September in Roxbourne Park and is suitable for all ages and abilities. There is a 4K Ladies race, 4K Men’s race, 2K Children’s race, and a challenge which is to run all 3. There is also a 2K race walk and refreshments served afterwards.

TROPHY RACES are a series of 8 races throughout the year in our local area. These vary in distance from 5 to 20 miles, and usually attract a good Metros contingent. Recently our list has included Finchley 20, Maidenhead 10, Marlow 5, St Luke’s/Wembley 10k, Moor Park 10k, Ricky Road Run. Metrolines has the list confirmed for each year.

METROS MARATHON WEEK is held in June every two years. It consists of the full marathon distance run over 5 consecutive days on 5 terrains: 10k Hills, 4k Sand (Ruislip Lido), 10k Cross Country (in Ruislip Woods), 5k Track session & 13k Road. Click here for previous results: 2016 2014 2012

Contact: Mandy and Peter Beuselinck – metrosmarathonweek@yahoo.co.uk