Metros REGULAR SESSIONS from July 2021

Most sessions last around an hour.  Scroll right on the table below to see session details.

Day Session Time Location Minimum Pace
Mon Top and Tail run 7:15pm Headstone Lane 12 min mile for 4-5 miles
Mon Sprints Core and 1km Challenge 7pm Harrow Weald n/a
Tue 6-7 or 8-9 mile run 7:30pm Eastcote 9 min mile for 6-7 miles
Tue 4-5 mile run 7:30pm Eastcote 11 min mile for 4-5 miles
Tue 5k run/walk 7:30pm Eastcote 5k in 50 mins
Wed Gentle Hills 7.15pm Harrow-on-the-Hill 4+ miles
Wed Hills 7.15pm Harrow-on-the-Hill 6+miles
Thu Mixed 7pm Harrow Weald n/a
Thu Track 6.30pm Harrow-on-the-Hill n/a
Fri Track 7am Ruislip Manor n/a
Sat Varied 9am Roxbourne Park n/a

Last Thursday of the month, a dark (woods/countryside) run.

Exact locations, details of session leaders, and any updates are provided to members via app (or email), Join Us

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