Hi Metros,

Big thanks to the Rackham family for hosting us all, at the annual Metros BBQ. It was a splendid evening and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tomorrow’s core session will have Marcus leading  putting us through his documented 1km challenge. The park of choice will be Boxtree Park. Meet up at the usually at 7pm near Duck in the Pond Pub Kenton.

Note for the diary, next week  22nd July the core session invite you all to a one off Core Picnic.

A light session full of team games based around strength and core work. Followed by a picnic in the park, which could spill into the Duck in the Pond later. Most schools should be out for holidays, and it would be great to have as many people as possible joining. Even if it’s just for the core or the picnic. More details to follow.

Do let us know if you are thinking of coming.

Look forward to seeing tomorrow.