Hi Metros.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow at the the Metros 7pm session.

Work on streagnth building this session. I will be looking after you all as the session leader.

See you tomorrow 7pm at the Duck in the Pond.

Monday 18th June, 2018  sees the start of the New Core/Fitness/Speed Sessions.

Session leaders: Marcus, Linda, Ariff

Time: 7pm for approximately an hour

Meet: Outside The Duck In The Pond Pub. Kenton Lane HA3 6AA. (same as the Thursday winter session meet point)

Session content: a mixture of sprints, core exercises, and a 1km challenge

NB. This does not take away from the famous Monday night run at 8pm. Instead this session offers another variant, for an ever growing club.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

To contact Ariff about this session, see the contact details in the member’s section