Hi Metros,
Tomorrow will be our Monday Core Christmas special. Everyone is invited and you all should come.
Marcus, our session leader tomorrow has something totally new planned. Running, Core and KFC.
Tomorrow session will have a new meet point for this week only. This is the tennis courts that both Marcus and Linda’s use for winter sessions. Plenty of parking available junction of Boxtree Road and Boxtree Lane, Harrow Weald Recreational Ground HA3 6JG.
The session will finish with us all going to KFC. We have been running past it for so long, its time to treat ourselves for all the Hard Core work we’ve put in.
Brightly dressed, (maybe a hoodie for afterwards) torches, and anything festive.
if for any reason you need to, you can contact Marcus, Linda Dunne  or myself 07827668623
Looking forward to seeing may of there.