Vets Track and Field


Four Monday evenings between May and July and open to all over 35. Events are 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, & 3000 metres, 2000m walk, high jump, long jump, triple jump, discus, javelin, hammer, shot.

Each club is allowed one competitor per age category, other team members can take part (within limit allowed) as guests.  Metros wanting to take part should let the team manager know before the event that they are planning to attend so entries can be organised.  Event schedule is usually available a week in advance.

2021 Dates

Date Venue
tbc Battersea
tbc Hillingdon
tbc Battersea
tbc Perivale

Team manager: Wendy Mulvenna

Members of the Vets Track and Field Team 2019