Sunday run 7th January

Happy New Year Metros To celebrate the New Year, we are organising a Ruislip Woods run/walk this Sunday 7th January.  We will mark a circular trail, approximately 2.5 to 3 miles, starting and finishing at the Kings College Road entrance to Ruislip Woods.  The route...

January 2

We’re back at the tennis club this evening. I will be there but not running-I’m still poorly. The route i have chosen is “Plane Domain” but there is no compassion to run this route. Steve

December 19th

The tennis club is closed next Tuesday evening, so this is the last run of the year there. I propose we do the usual sort of distance, but run where we don’t usually on a Tuesday- so North Harrow, Central Harrow, South Harrow and Rayners Lane, mostly on the main...

December 12th – 3 mile group

While Steve is going ahead tonight with the main run, the 3 mile run/walk is CANCELLED as the pavements are still fairly treacherous.  We’ll be back next week, hopefully in the xmas spirit, and if can’t run we’ll be in the tennis club bar.

December 12th

I will be at the tennis club this evening aiming to run. I am not convinced all the pavements will be clear enough to run one of the usual routes, so I propose we stay together, run on the roads that are mostly likely to be ok, and be extra careful with the traffic....