June 20th PM run

Internet didn’t work here this morning, but it seems alright now. For an evening run in these temperatures it might be advisable to stay close to base so I propose we do the Circular Route (Yes I know this is a winter run!). Steve

13 June

Tonight it’s “The Pavement Returns” but, as we rarely run the far end in Ickenham, the route is reversed and the section by Hillingdon AC can be omitted if necessary. See you later Steve

Thursday run 8th June

It’s the 2nd Thursday of the month, so drinks night!  We’ll be going to The Hare on the corner of Old Redding and Brookshill.  If you’re driving, why not arrive a little early and leave your car in the pub car park then trot up to the meeting point at the...

6 June

Well, this rain doesn’t look like stopping any time soon so, with the possibility (probability?) of standing water and tonight’s run not being too much fun, we will be going round the rarely used “Nosebleed” this evening, giving us the chance...

30 May

Tonight it’s “The Three Footpaths” which is the summer version of winter’s “New Route” via Rayners Lane and Moss Lane to Hatch End.

Thursday run 25th May

There will be a run at the usual time of 7.00pm, meeting at the viewpoint car park at about 6.55pm.  It will be a do it yourself group run, but Claire will ensure you don’t get lost!!

23rd May

“A&E deceased” (the summer version of the arrowhead) is tomorrow’s run. I have no idea why it’s called that- presumably an A&E closure some years ago somewhere on the route, but I can’t think where and I’ve lived around here...