15th May

To repeat what I said last week, tonight’s run is a rehearsal of the Tuesday run for marathon week. 13.1km heading to South Harrow via Field End Road and back via Alexandra Avenue, Rayners Lane and Imperial Drive. Steve

May 8th

Tonight we’ll have a go at “The Pavement Returns” summer route. Hopefully there will be enough light for those that want to go to the far end in Ickenham. ADVANCE NOTICE Next week (15 May) and two weeks later, the Tuesday run will be over the route...

May 1st

For those who follow the sequence of Tuesday routes, yes, it’s “The School Run” this evening. I think the summer versions of our routes should start next week. Steve

24th April

Apologies for late posting, tonight it’s “Tropic of Ruislip”. I’ve done something to my lower back so will probably not be running with you. Steve

April 17th

Tonight I suggest “The Arrowhead”. I’m taking it easy, so I’ll be doing a shortened version. Summer routes will be introduced in a few weeks. Steve

April 3rd

The suggested  route for tonight is “The Circular Route”, but you’ll have to look after each other as I will not be running. My fall last night has resulted in a lot of pain and discomfort in the rib area on one side so, for me, I’ll be taking...

March 27th

It’s Tuesday again. It’s a run from the tennis club again. This week’s run is “Plane Domain”. Repeat after me- “It’s a plain domain where it always rains. A place that has no soul. If it ever lived where passion died a long...