26th March

Apologies for lateness in posting this week. The rest of life got in the way (and I forgot). It’s the turn of “The Circular Route” this evening. Be on the look out for a Russian invader. Steve

Thursday 21st March

Meet just before 7.00 pm outside number 2 Mountside. Cloudy but mild is the forecast so dress accordingly and be bright! Ariff will be your leader 👏🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️💪💪

March 19

Those who know the sequence will probably have worked it out that it’s “New Route” this evening. That’s Hatch End way to those who don’t know. CU later  S

Monday Core Session 18th March

Hi Metros, I would like to congratulate all the mini Metros who took part in mini marathon trials on Saturday. Well done to all those who ran today, whether it was a race or training runs. Tomorrow’s session leader will be Marcus. Hope to see you all brightly...

Thursday 14th March

Meet just before 7.00 outside number 2 Mountside. Cloud and moderate breeze in the forecast, so dress accordingly, wearing lights where possible. Session leader Brian. 2nd Thursday of the month so drinks at the Duck...

Maart 12

Winter hasn’t quite finished yet, but we’re tough. Tonight we run through storm Gareth on the “School Run”, but only you real toughies will get there. C U 4 eight.

Monday Core Session 11th March

Hi Metros, Hope you have all had a good weekend and not been blown away in todays high winds. Today many Metros including myself ran the Hillingdon 20. With a new route, some hills and the wind made it tough towards the end. I must give a huge shout out to Jane,...

Mars 5

Tonight is the return of “Tropic Of Ruislip”. Looks like we’re going to get wet, so rainwear and light-coloured clothing is the order of the day. See you for a prompt 8 o’clock start. Steve