Marraskuu 12

Football takes me to horrible Essex this evening (Billericay), so Irene will be on map duties. The proposed route is “Tropic of Ruislip”. “Up the Stones” Steve

Monday Core Session 11th November

Hi Metros. After a dull Saturday, full of rain. This morning the sun was out and so were we for our Sunday run. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Happy birthday today to Penny Hudson, and to everyone else who have celebrated their birthday this week. Tomorrow’s...

Thursday run 7th November

Roundabouts and reps on the menu, so it must be Jane 😉 Meet as usual just before 7.00 outside number 2 Mountside. Possibility of rain showers around so dress accordingly, and be bright! 🔦 Best wishes, Jane

Metros Core Session 4th November

Hi Metros. Today’s Marlow 7 & HM marked the last of this year’s Trophy Races. What a way to end it, full of hills, a very tough run. Chris Shearwood does this every year. I need a bit of whatever he’s taking. Some of you ran locally. A huge well...

Thursday 31st October

This week Ariff will be leading the group. Meet just before 7.00 outside number 2 Mountside. Weather looks to be OK but temperatures in single digits, so dress accordingly, and be bright! Best wishes, Jane

Tuesday, October 29th

It’s out of the usual sequence a bit, but I propose “New Route” (Hatch End) this evening. A lot of street lights were out along George V Avenue last week and I want to check the situation now before complaining to our glorious council. See you later...

Monday Core Session 28th October

Hi Metros, What a lovely Sunday. Blue skies and sunshine, what more can we ask, for our Sunday run. Many of you headed off to Ricky Road Run. Well done to you. A huge well done to all of you who have recently run marathons, always a great achievement. The rest of us...

Thursday run 24th October

Tomorrow’s forecast suggests earlier heavy rain might just have cleared 🤞, but check and dress accordingly. Thanks to Ariff for taking over at short notice last week. A recovered Marcus should be your leader tomorrow! We’re slipping in an...

22 October

It’s the “magic” of the FA Cup for me again this evening, so I will be absent and Irene once more doing the map duties. And by the way, the route is “The Circular Route”. Steve