Metros is a friendly local running club for people of all abilities.

We are a volunteer-run club in and around the borough of Harrow catering for all standards of runners from those who enjoy a social run/walk to those who complete in regular distance runs.  We are a mixture of social runners, occasional runners, regular race goers, and dedicated marathon and ultra runners, and we hope to offer a friendly environment at all our sessions.  We have organised runs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and on Friday and Saturday mornings.  These cover everything from mixed speed and resistance work in local parks to 7/8 mile tempo runs.  We make good use of our local hills for hill training and we also do track work.  We don’t offer coaching – our sessions are geared towards adult runners who want company while running – but with many experienced marathon and ultra runners in the club, there’s lots of advice available if you want that.

We run a couch to 5K course for complete beginners every Spring.  This lasts around 9 weeks and follows the NHS couch to 5k programme.  For those who can run a little bit, our Saturday morning sessions in Roxbourne Park should be achievable.

Our membership year runs from March to February and costs £25 but you are welcome to join at any time (we reduce our membership rates in August and November).  If you join in January or February, your membership will extend to the following February.

Our club is affiliated to England Athletics but the extra cost of joining EA as an individual is entirely optional.  We welcome second claim EA members who, through the club, will have access to a greater range of events.