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In the interests of safety, excepting guide dogs, dogs are not allowed to participate at Metros sessions. At the request of the manager of the scout hut, excepting guide dogs, dogs are not permitted in the scout hut.

Safety Information

Whenever you attend a training session, please inform the session coordinator / leader if you have any injury or other medical condition.

If you participate in one of Metros Saturday morning races or challenges, please give your name to the person(s) organising the event and report back to them if you drop out.  This applies particularly to events where the course is mainly on the streets and is to enable us to check whether anyone has lost their way or suffered an injury or accident.

In the event of an incident involving any Metro and First Aid it is advisable to complete the form here.

A “dog tag” for personal information can be obtained from Pat Jackson for £1.00

Metros & Parental Responsibility

Metros is a family running club and we welcome children accompanied by their parents or guardians. At no time must your child be unaccompanied at a Metros session; we cannot accept responsibility for unaccompanied children or offer individual memberships to children.

If you have any queries, please get in touch.