Click here to view the Metros Constitution, last updated May 2019.


In the interests of safety, dogs are not allowed to participate at Metros sessions. At the request of the manager of the scout hut, excepting guide dogs, dogs are also not permitted in the scout hut.


During a training session every adult is responsible for themselves and any child/children under their direct care.

Whenever you attend a training session, please inform the session coordinator / leader if you have any injury or other medical condition.

If you participate in one of Metros Saturday morning races or challenges, please give your name to the person(s) organising the event and report back to them if you drop out.  This applies particularly to events where the course is mainly on the streets and is to enable us to check whether anyone has lost their way or suffered an injury or accident.

In the event of an incident involving any Metro and First Aid it is advisable to complete the form here.

A “dog tag” for personal information can be obtained from Pat Jackson for £1.00

Metros & Parental Responsibility

Metros is a family running club and we welcome children accompanied by their parents or guardians. At no time must your child be unaccompanied at a Metros session; we cannot accept responsibility for unaccompanied children or offer individual memberships to children.

Metros and Data Protection

The Metros membership records are the main records that we have.  This includes e’mail address, home address, phone numbers, date of birth for yourself and any linked family members who you are authorised to administer

This data is stored in a professionally managed database run by Webcollect. The data that Metros hold which can idenify you specifically is only shared with one other organisation – England Athletics – and then only if you opt for EA membership.  We do also share limited data with other running clubs when you participate in leagues Metros are part of; by taking part in these league events you are giving your consent to us sharing your name and date of birth.

By applying to become a member of Metros, you are agreeing to this use of your data.

How is your data used by Metros?

  • To calculate age graded / age category results (date of birth)
  • For emergency purposes (phone numbers)
  • To deliver membership cards (addresses)
  • To contact you about Metros related matters and as a primary key for the database (email)

Who can see your data?

The people who have access to your data are the Membership secretary (and their nominated back up), Chairperson, Secretary.

How long do we keep your data?

If you have never renewed before, and you choose not to renew, we’ll delete your membership record two months after the renewal date.  If you have renewed before, we’ll give you an extra month then we’ll delete the data.  Once your membership record is deleted, you’ll no longer be able to access the Metros website member section.  You can re-join any time but you’ll go through the same process as a new member.

Finally, to allow us to manage club running records, we keep a simple log of all members we’ve ever had – just name and date of birth, nothing else.


If you have any queries or concerns about any of these policies, please get in touch using the contact form.