Club Kit

New T-shirts:

Order Window open NOW until 3rd April 2018! Click here to sign up and order new t-shirts.

Vests – £25

T-shirts – £31.50

At the present time, only new style t-shirts are available online. Pat Jackson has a stock of new style vests which will be sold before the vests are added to the online ordering system. Please contact her directly to purchase one.

For information about sizing of our new vests and t-shirts, please click here.

Additional Kit:

Please note, the following items may not be in stock but can be ordered via Pat Jackson at Prices quoted are approximate and, as the embroidery machine needs to be set up, there is a minimum order number therefore delivery times may vary.

Knitted hats – £5

Hoodie – £14 Adult, £11.50 Children

Fleece – £15 (ladies’ only – 300 gsm)

Fleece – £17 (unisex – 380 gsm)