Club Kit

Club Kit Update

We are now happy with our new source of supply – Scimitar – for our vests, short sleeve and long sleeve teeshirts.   More than 150 pieces of kit have now been sold and to encourage more Metros to order kit, prices are being discounted to: Vest £23, Short Sleeved T-shirt £24, Long Sleeved T-shirt £27

Update: The kit order has been placed and delivery is due before xmas.  A small amount of stock has been ordered as well so if you missed out on placing your order in time, there may be some stock for you to buy.  We’ll update this page when the delivery has arrived.

Please check the sizing charts here first and order so that all the measurement points fit as well as possible.

Men’s Vests                  Women’s Vests                  Men’s Teeshirts             Women’s Teeshirts

Expected future order prices (next order will be Spring 2020):

Vest £27, Short Sleeved T-shirt £28, Long Sleeved T-shirt £30

Other Kit and Accessories:

The following items may not be in stock but can be ordered via Pat Jackson

Click here for contact details

Prices quoted are approximate and, as the embroidery machine needs to be set up, there is a minimum order number therefore delivery times may depend on getting sufficient interest.

Knitted hats – £5

Hoodie – £14 Adult, £11.50 Children

Fleece – £15 (ladies’ only – 300 gsm)

Fleece – £17 (unisex – 380 gsm)