Club Kit

Club Kit Update

We have now got a new source of supply – Scimitar – for our vests and short sleeve teeshirts.  These look very similar to the last batch of kit with the exception that the trim is now navy to match our accessories.  The  illustration below shows the design

There were issues reported with our last supply to do with cost and fit.  It is very important that you don’t simply order the size you usually have but check the sizing charts here first and order so that all the measurement points fit as well as possible. 

Men’s Vests                  Women’s Vests                  Men’s Teeshirts             Women’s Teeshirts                        

Our supplier needs a separate order for each type of kit: vests and short sleeved tees.  As we will be ordering samples with your first orders, we expect to reach a volume discount.  We have also have a delay on the annual price increase, this means this first order will be 20%-25% cheaper than the next order.

First order prices:

Vest – £19, short sleeved T-shirt £20

Future order prices:

Vest:  £25, short sleeved T-shirt £26

Our committee have decided that for this first order, you do not have to pay upfront, you will be asked to set up an order and say how you will pay, but you’ll have the opportunity to try on the gament and check you’re happy with it before paying. If you do not order in this order window, the future order price will apply and payment will be upfront.

Ordering will be open until 31st March.  The lead time is 6-8 weeks so delivery will be mid/late May.  Pick up will be from your nominated training session.

Scimitar don’t have an on-line shop so we will be using the Webcollect Booking system instead to capture your orders.  Those of you who have booked training courses or places on marathon week will be familiar with the process, however as it’s the first time we’ve used ordering, here’s a How to Order guide.  Remember to select the ordering window for the garment you want to buy.  Also, you’ll receive an instruction on how to pay – for this first order, you do not need to act on this until your new kit has arrived and been accepted. Click here to order kit 

You can also order directly via Pat Jackson, contact details below.  For this first order, Pat has some samples made up for other running clubs that you can try.  There will be samples of club kit to try for future orders.



Other Kit and Accessories:

The following items may not be in stock but can be ordered via Pat Jackson

Click here for contact details

Prices quoted are approximate and, as the embroidery machine needs to be set up, there is a minimum order number therefore delivery times may depend on getting sufficient interest.

Knitted hats – £5

Hoodie – £14 Adult, £11.50 Children

Fleece – £15 (ladies’ only – 300 gsm)

Fleece – £17 (unisex – 380 gsm)