18 Keaskuu

Greetings pop-pickers Fancy a run up to HMS Warrior? That’s this evening’s suggested run. Hopefully the short-distance trot across the grass in Northwood won’t be too wet. Steve

Juni 11

The suggested route for this evening is “The Three Footpaths”, which is the one that goes, in it’s full-length version, to Hatch End and beyond. See you later Steve

Juin 4

Tonight the proposed route is “The Pavement Returns” towards West Ruislip. Irene and I have an earlier commitment and will be arriving very close to eight o’clock, but we aim to put the map up beforehand. I’m still injured anyway so start...

28 May

Tonight’s proposed run is “A&E (deceased)”, which is the summer variation of “The Arrowhead”. I’m wounded again (same injury returned) so will not be running with you but I’ll be there to see you off....