The story so far…

Metros have held a training session at Roxbourne Park on a Saturday morning at 9am since the very early days of the club.  We were keen to keep this going but recognise that lots of members also want to be at parkrun either running or volunteering.  So the 3rd Saturday in each month became our official parkrun week.  So that you can meet up with fellow Metros, we have a facebook group where members share where they’ll be, Metros at Parkrun.  Lots of members do parkrun every week and that’s great, equally, we still have our Roxbourne session every Saturday too so there’s lots of choice.  you can find out where people are likely to be from our Metros at parkrun facebook group.

You’ll find details of our own Saturday events here.

and NEW from November 2019, we have a 5k competition, more details here.

There are lots of stats on the parkrun website, here’s a link to our consolidated club report

In our own version of the compass challenge, the most southerly parkrun goes to Paul S (NZ South Island), the most easterly to Chris S (Auckland, NZ), the most westerly to Emma (USA) and the most northerly, Steve P (Tampere, Finland)