The story so far…

Metros have held a training session at Roxbourne Park on a Saturday morning at 9am since the very early days of the club.  We were keen to keep this going but recognise that lots of members also want to be at parkrun either running or volunteering.  So the 3rd Saturday in each month became our official parkrun week.  So that you can meet up with fellow Metros, we nominate a parkrun to go to.  Lots of members do parkrun every week and that’s great, equally, we still have our Roxbourne session every Saturday too.

Here’s where we plan to be

March 16th – Black Park
April 20th – South Oxhey
May 18th – Rickmansworth 
June 22nd – Harrow (Couch to 5K first parkrun)

The eagle eyed will have spotted that 22nd June isn’t the 3rd Saturday – we’ve moved back a week so that we line up with the end of our couch to 5k course.

While many at parkrun are now off clocking up all the new challenges (well done Emma for getting Z in the A to Z challenge), I’ve looked back at where Metros have been in the last two years.

If you’re interested in seeing for yourself, check out our consolidated club report here

Metros went to 43 different parkruns in the Greater London area in 2017/18.  Our top local tourists are Errol and Alex.

Everyone has also been making good use of holidays – here’s a list of where we’ve been around the UK and Ireland.

A few people have also managed to find parkruns abroad.  In our own version of the compass challenge, the most southerly parkrun goes to Paul S (NZ South Island), the most easterly to Chris S (Auckland, NZ), the most westerly to Emma (Roosevelt Island, USA) and the most northerly, Steve P (Tampere, Finland)