18 Keaskuu

Greetings pop-pickers Fancy a run up to HMS Warrior? That’s this evening’s suggested run. Hopefully the short-distance trot across the grass in Northwood won’t be too wet. Steve

Monday Core Session 17th June

Hi Metros, Running today was eventful to say the least. Getting caught in the downpour and sunshine the next minute. Is it summer yet? Tomorrow’s session will be in Harrow Weald Park and our leader for the session will be Linda Dunne. I look forward to seeing...

Juni 11

The suggested route for this evening is “The Three Footpaths”, which is the one that goes, in it’s full-length version, to Hatch End and beyond. See you later Steve

Monday Core Session 10th June

Hi Metros. Hope you all have had a enjoyable weekend. Some at St Albans half, a few of us ran locally and some Metros were even spotted at the Hampshire HM. I would like to wish Steve and Irene and very happy 25th wedding anniversary. Hope you had a lovely celebration...